The Iowa Great Lakes Association is committed to the Lakes area and its watershed. We promote environmental improvements and are an active influence in promotion for environmental health and quality-of-life in the Iowa Great Lakes.


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Population Growth

July 25, 2016
Day Lilies and Docks - Arnolds Park

The Iowa Great Lakes is witnessing population growth. Why? Our magnificent natural resources, cultural opportunities as well as lower property taxes in comparison to neighboring communities.   Support #IGLA‘s efforts in preserving, protecting and enhancing the Iowa Great Lakes and continue to attract new residents and business to our area.   http://www.dickinsoncountynews.com/story/2323143.html

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Zebra Mussel update – July 2016

July 22, 2016
A cluster of invasive zebra mussels attached to a native freshwater mussel from Lake Carlos in Minnesota. Such infestations lead to the larger mussel’s death. Credit D. P. Molloy/University at Albany

IGLA is closely monitoring this new tactic to manage Zebra Mussels on lake Minnetonka.

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Boz Skaggs – Performing for Clean Water in the Iowa Great Lakes

July 21, 2016

The Iowa Great Lakes Association is a proud sponsor of the Okoboji Blue Water Festival on Saturday, August 13th along the magnificent shores of West Lake Okoboji on Preservation Plaza.  This world-class performer takes to the stage following a day long festival promoting the protection,…

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Inland Lakes Yachting Association Regatta coming to Okoboji

July 14, 2016

Your help is needed. No sailing skills on your part required. The Okoboji Yacht Club will be hosting the annual Inland Lakes Yachting Association Annual Class X Championship Regatta on…

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IGLA’s Ideas For Kids

July 12, 2016

We have published a list of activities for the young & young-at-heart! Arnolds Park Amusement Park, Central Emporium, Creative Spirits, Treasure Village, Pearson Lakes Art Center, Bridges Bay... The list…

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IGLA releases information about Bur Oak Blight

June 27, 2016

The Iowa Great Lakes Association (IGLA) considers BOB a major threat to our environment on the same level as Zebra Mussels, Asian Jumping Carp and CAFO’s. BOB may be the…

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